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Latest News: Antle Wines is pleased to announce the release of our 2012 varietals Viognier, Pinot Blanc, and La Belle Vue Red Blend. They can be purchased at Zeph's Wine Shop, Star Market or The Wharf Marketplace.

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2010 Pinot Noir
The rare limestone-rich soil in the Chalone region of the Gabilan Mountain Range
has been believed to produce some of the finest terroir expressions anywhere.
These properties contribute to the richness of the darkly colored Pinnacalitos de
Chalone Pinot Noir. Unique growing conditions, such as an abundance of sun
coupled with temperatures ranging from 40-60° F daily, and very little rainfall,
create a deeper, richer mineral infused flavor while maintaining the intensity of
the fruit—black and/or red cherry, raspberry and current. It may well be one
of the most versatile food wines, pairing well with a variety of meats, fish and
poultry, and plays well with creamy sauces and spicy seasonings.

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